About Silk Bride

Silk Bride was launched in 2019 by Amanda Francomb.

Originally from Newcastle and now living and running her business from Kent. Amanda has spent much of her adult life in and around the wedding industry. Originally gaining experience in flower shops. Amanda can now boast over 25 years’ experience.

Amanda took her first steps in business opening a flower shop in 1998. She has since gone on to build a thriving online business providing brooch bouquets.

Amanda set up Brooch Bride (brooch wedding bouquets) in 2013. Moving with the times but maintaining her passion for creating beautiful wedding accessories.

Amanda’s hard work and passion quickly paid off when she won the Kent wedding award in 2014 for one of her designs. Brooch bride has also been runner up as well as being featured in a number of wedding related publications.

Silk bride was born out of passion to grow, explore new flowers, shapes and ideas.

Amanda’s other passions are family life with her husband, daughter and dog. Amanda’s spare time is usually spent practising yoga or cooking a delicious vegetarian meal.

Amanda Francomb
Brooch Wedding Bouquet
A Brooch Bouquet by Amanda